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Don't Waste Your Life -Free Online Bible College

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Start studying online today - It's Free! 


Join those studying around the world

with Christian Library - Australia 



 No exams - absolutely free


The Divine Covenants - Geg Nicolls - Off site

 The Life and Ministry of Charles Spurgeon - John Piper


    Historical Theology - Early Church History -

Sam Waldron - Off site 


 Doctrine of Christ - Greg Nicols - Off site


Pastoral Theology Lectures - Albert N Martin -Off site


15 Talks on Apologetics - Sam Waldron - Off site 


3 Talks on Justification - Albert N Martin


 9 talks on Tulip  - John Piper - Video - Off site


  6 Talks - Thy Word is truth - John McCallum  - Audio 


  2 Lectures on Holiness by J.I.Packer - Audio


Survey of the Old Testament - Talks & PDF - Stuart Olyott -Off site


3 Lectures on The Church and it's Mission - Klass Runia - Audio


3 Lectures on The Healthy Church - Julian Bull - Video


4 Lectures in Preaching with Jay Adams - Audio


2 Lectures on WGT Shedd and Powerful Preaching - Dr Andrew Young - Video


9 Lectures in Biblical Theology - Greame Goldsworthy -Audio


6 Lectures in Aspects of the Reformation - Alister McGrath - Audio


Lectures on the Doctrines of Grace - Albert N Martin - Audio


5 Lectures in the Epistle to the Romans - Derek Cleave - Video


4 Lectures on Ecclesiastes - John Paterson - Video


4 Lectures on Evangelistic Preaching - Peter Masters - Video


5 Lectures on Preaching - David cook - Audio


4 Lectures on Evangelistic Preaching - Peter Masters  Video - Audio


10 Lectures on Counselling -Wayne Mack - Audio


10 Lectures on Making sense of Suffering from Job - Andrew Davies - Audio


6 Lectures on Jonah - Graham Miller - Audio


Three Lectures on Theonomy - Sam Waldron - Audio




Address all questions to Rev Paul Seiler 

 How to study: Listen/ watch and outline in note form what you hear. Ask and note how will I/we practcally apply this teaching so my life and ministry change for God's glory. Why not gather a small group of likeminded men or women and start studying together today?


If you are a Pastor why not gather a group of keen young men and women who have ministry aspirations - our talks are excellent in preparing them for  - seminary/Bible College. 





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